NCLEX-RN® Resource

The PassNurse NCLEX-RN® resource is much more than just a question bank. Our resource is designed to enhance learning and knowledge retention by providing stimulating content that utilizes multiple passive and active learning techniques.

PassNurse® is specifically devised to drill home key concepts and give nurses the best possible platform to pass the NCLEX-RN exam.

Questions are accompanied by clear rationales, class leading in-depth illustrated teaching notes, video media and reference links. A suite of powerful question review tools, textbook feature and performance analytics make PassNurse® one of the most comprehensive and advanced NCLEX resources available.

Other key features include:

  • Compare your performance with other candidates who are sitting the exam. See if your ready to sit the exam
  • Create timed tests to simulate the time pressure of the exam
  • All questions give feedback on the answers so you can improve your knowledge base as you go
  • Give immediate feedback on any questions that you feel need modification or improvement
  • Mobile mode allows you to revise on the move
  • New questions added every week

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  • All subscriptions include:
  • Full access to 1000+ high quality questions
  • Full access to all detailed illustrated study notes
  • Unlimited timed tests
  • Customizable textbook
  • Performance analytics with peer comparison

  • NCLEX-RN Subscription Options

    PassNurse® NCLEX-RN Resource
    Key feature summary

    • Over 1000 NCLEX-RN test questions
    • Visually rich content to enhance learning
    • Clear in-depth rationales & explanations
    • Easy links to reference material
    • Multiple media links
    • Unlimited timed practice tests
    • Customizable textbook feature
    • Multiple format questions
    • Performance analytics with peer comparison