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PassNurse® is an invaluable study tool for nurse's sitting the NCLEX-RN. Our platform is equipped with a rich feature set designed to enhance the learning experience and provide our nurses with the knowledge and confidence to pass the NCLEX-RN

Detailed illustrated question explanations feature highlighted key concepts and visual learning elements that promote active learning and enhance knowledge retention. The PassNurse NCLEX resource supports nurses to work smart, optimize revision time, drill home core nursing knowledge and excel in high stakes exams.

All the features you expect
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  • Full access to over 1000 high quality questions
  • In-depth illustrated teaching notes
  • Customizable textbook
  • Unlimited timed tests
  • Performance tracking
  • Peer comparison
  • Multiple format questions
  • Responsive feedback
  • Optimized for mobile

Passnurse key concepts

Key concepts
Detailed study notes

PassNurse is designed to optimize knowledge retention. Highlighted key concepts provide the principle learning points from each question. In addition each question is accompanied by rationales for the different answer options and detailed teaching notes to further underpin understanding. Useful web links, video media and our online textbook are all designed to enhance the learning experience and are all at our nurse's disposal

Enhanced learning
Key features

  • Visually rich content
  • Detailed explanations
  • Easy links to reference material
  • Multiple media links
  • Q&A forum
  • Feedback from question authors
  • Multiple format questions
  • Clearly explained rationales

Optimized for mobile
NCLEX prep on the move

PassNurse is built on mobile first principles and optimized for peak performance across all sizes of device. We believe all our nurses should enjoy a great user experience whilst working towards NCLEX success

illustrated teaching notes

Performance tracking
How do you compare?

  • Sessional & overall scores
  • Review performance improvement over time
  • Compare scores to other nurses preparing for the NCLEX
  • Easy to read histogram
  • Be confident your ready to sit the NCLEX

Visual stimulation
Built for all learning styles

Rich visual content stimulates active learning and improves knowledge retention. At PassNurse we build content that utilizes both passive and active learning strategies to appeal to all learning styles. Our teaching notes feature illustrations, diagrams, tables and highlighted concepts designed to boost stimulation and enhance knowledge retention.

illustrated teaching notes

Passnurse key concepts

PassNurse textbook
Customizable and individualized

Much more than just a question bank! Introducing the PassNurse textbook. All PassNurse users have access to the PassNurse textbook. Search for teaching notes by topic or keyword. Nurse's can add their own annotations to the textbook to personalize their learning experience.

PassNurse® Textbook
Your one stop resource for NCLEX

  • Search teaching notes
  • Find subjects by topic or keyword
  • Keep personal notes alongside published notes
  • Filter by NCLEX category
  • See notes that are popular with other users

Unlimited Timed Tests
Practice assessments

Simulate the time pressure of the real NCLEX with our timed test feature. With PassNurse setting up a timed test is easy and flexible. Simply select the number of questions you wish to answer and either let our software calculate the appropriate amount of time or choose your own time limit. Its simple to use and you are ready to go in a few clicks.

Nurses can customize the time allowed and question count to suit their needs and their schedule. Unlike other question banks theres no limit on the number of practice assessments you can do and no additional cost. Its all included in every subscription.

Passnurse timed test

PassNurse® Subscriptions
Unbeatable value

PassNurse® aims to set new standards in NCLEX-RN preparation. Not only do we strive to provide the highest quality resource available on the market today but we also aim to be the best value resource available to nurse's taking the NCLEX-RN examination

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